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Apex EDI Review: Why Choose Apex EDI

With electronic data integration (EDI) reaching the forefront of electronic data transfer, more and more services seem to offer this option for medical and wellness practitioners. How do you know which service to choose?


Apex EDI offers a host of positive features that will allow your practice to run smoothly, but here are a few reasons why we think you should choose our software for your business.


Not only does Apex EDI offer a user friendly interface, it integrates seamlessly with dozens of existing practice management softwares. Click here to see a list of practice management softwares that Apex EDI currently integrates with; and the list is still growing.

This integration allows for your staff to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients. Instead of fighting with complicated softwares and difficult transitory processes, Apex EDI allows your staff to process insurance claims quickly and cohesively with plug and play efficiency.

Fool Proof Submissions

Another great benefit of Apex EDI is the ability of the software to read and recognize potential errors within insurance claims. Before a claim can be properly submitted, the software scans the claims and checks for errors or misapplied information. When Apex finds the error, it notifies the billing professional of submission errors to correct before the claim can be sent to the payer.

Error identifying technology allows for your staff to catch these mistakes before they can be denied by a patient’s insurance company. Not only does this speed up the process of claims processing, it also allows your practice to get paid faster to maintain a profitable and well managed business.

Compliance & Privacy Driven

You might be thinking, “This is all fine and good, but what about industry standards regarding HIPPA and patient privacy?”

That’s a valid concern, and we’re glad you asked. Apex EDI is fully compliant with HIPPA and state and federal patient privacy practices. We don’t share any patient information with outside parties. Apex EDI is committed to the highest possible service of our clients and their customers. Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance, which is why we have a detailed privacy statement for your review here.

If you have any other questions or concerns about privacy practices at Apex EDI please feel free to reach out to us here.

Commitment to Excellence

At Apex EDI, we live and breathe customer service. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience with our products for your practice, regardless of your specialty.

If you would like to learn more about how Apex EDI can assist your practice, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team with your questions or concerns.

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 

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