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Apex EDI Review: Who is Apex EDI?


We are Apex EDI and we are the best choice for electronic medical, dental and vision claims processing. We are committed to the fastest, most personal service and highest quality support in the healthcare industry. We are unique because our flexible technology offers the most complete range of features and works with any practice management software.

We at Apex EDI created the OneTouch® solution to offer you an easier and less expensive way to process your insurance claims electronically and receive faster reimbursement. Electronic claims are submitted in a simple two minute operation. Electronic patient statements and eligibility verification are also available.

Serving medical and dental providers in every state is what Apex EDI does. Our technology interacts with more healthcare payer organizations than any other EDI solution. Our growing international customer base has access to our website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to manage and send their medical insurance claims to thousands of insurance payers.

Also, Apex EDI is one of Utah’s 100 fastest growing firms since 1995. We thrive because we offer unrivaled superior customer service. You simply won’t find our personalized approach to customer service anywhere else. You will always have a representative assigned to your account to speak to directly when you have a question or need help.

Our team of bright, creative problem-solvers are trained and experienced in every aspect of revenue management. We are ready to simplify the payment process for you so your team can focus on the wellness of your patients.

Business team
Contact us to learn more today!

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 

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Apex EDI Review: The Benefits of Partnering with Apex EDI

Apex Logo
We at Apex EDI are the leader in private label claims delivery. We created a One Touch Solution to offer you a secure, easy, and inexpensive way to process your private insurance claims electronically.

Within two weeks, we will improve your bottom line by lowering the cost of claims processing, providing faster reimbursement to your clients, and increasing your access to healthcare payers. You’ll never have to worry again about client satisfaction with our state of the art service.  You’ll have the ongoing support of our friendly and knowledgeable staff always standing by 24/7 to answer questions and solve problems.

Partnering with APEX EDI is completely stress-free. We provide a generous revenue sharing program, free training and ongoing, automatic compliance updates. Our experienced team will handle once expensive and time-consuming upgrades for you. You will be able to load and send claims directly from the APEX One Touch or your own practice management software. You will have instant access to your account from any computer with Internet access. Through our secure partner portal, you’ll find co-branded marketing materials, customized client reports and the expertise of our support team.


We’re confident that we can add value for your business and increase your customer satisfaction. There simply isn’t another claims clearinghouse partner that can match our level of support. You won’t regret adding the most powerful set of practice tools available to your business. Contact us today to tell us about your business needs and schedule a free demonstration.  

Articles with this disclaimer were not written by Apex EDI.

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Apex EDI Review: Why Choose Apex EDI

With electronic data integration (EDI) reaching the forefront of electronic data transfer, more and more services seem to offer this option for medical and wellness practitioners. How do you know which service to choose?


Apex EDI offers a host of positive features that will allow your practice to run smoothly, but here are a few reasons why we think you should choose our software for your business.


Not only does Apex EDI offer a user friendly interface, it integrates seamlessly with dozens of existing practice management softwares. Click here to see a list of practice management softwares that Apex EDI currently integrates with; and the list is still growing.

This integration allows for your staff to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients. Instead of fighting with complicated softwares and difficult transitory processes, Apex EDI allows your staff to process insurance claims quickly and cohesively with plug and play efficiency.

Fool Proof Submissions

Another great benefit of Apex EDI is the ability of the software to read and recognize potential errors within insurance claims. Before a claim can be properly submitted, the software scans the claims and checks for errors or misapplied information. When Apex finds the error, it notifies the billing professional of submission errors to correct before the claim can be sent to the payer.

Error identifying technology allows for your staff to catch these mistakes before they can be denied by a patient’s insurance company. Not only does this speed up the process of claims processing, it also allows your practice to get paid faster to maintain a profitable and well managed business.

Compliance & Privacy Driven

You might be thinking, “This is all fine and good, but what about industry standards regarding HIPPA and patient privacy?”

That’s a valid concern, and we’re glad you asked. Apex EDI is fully compliant with HIPPA and state and federal patient privacy practices. We don’t share any patient information with outside parties. Apex EDI is committed to the highest possible service of our clients and their customers. Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance, which is why we have a detailed privacy statement for your review here.

If you have any other questions or concerns about privacy practices at Apex EDI please feel free to reach out to us here.

Commitment to Excellence

At Apex EDI, we live and breathe customer service. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience with our products for your practice, regardless of your specialty.

If you would like to learn more about how Apex EDI can assist your practice, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team with your questions or concerns.

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 

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EDI Claims: Why Use EDI in Healthcare?

As the digital world continues to advance, we are privileged to use various software and technologies that make our jobs easier. Once such technology is electronic data integration (EDI). EDI allows for improved healthcare claims processing, including better security and efficiency for patients and healthcare providers.Patient and medical staff


EDI allows for improved security and privacy measures for healthcare claims processing. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996 protects patient’s privacy and provides boundaries as to whom medical records can be released to. EDI minimizes the possibility of information over sharing when it comes to medical records and health care claims submissions.

For example, traditional information sharing through paper claims mailed through the postal system or information emailed to an individual increased the chances that more individuals than necessary came into contact with the private information. While these individuals may have clearance to handle this information, it is an inefficient and insecure method of information sharing.

EDI, on the other hand, specifically integrates with a health management system within your healthcare practice to minimize information handling and claims processing. Instead of passing patient information from person to person (or email to email), the EDI software passes the documents through a securely integrated system that is based on specifically coded transactions.

These transactions can only be viewed and processed by another EDI system that can read the agreed upon standard formatting of these coded documents. This ability to share documents and information between EDI softwares that only accept certain codes increases the security of patient information and healthcare claims.


Efficiency is another great reason to use EDI in healthcare practices. EDI significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to submit and process a claim. Not only will most EDI’s help you to identify potential mistakes within the claim to be submitted, it will also assist in the processing by providing real time feedback about the claims submission.

Efficiency in processing allows for healthcare claims to be processed faster, meaning healthcare providers can get paid for services rendered more quickly through an EDI software.

Though security and efficiency are important aspects to any software within a healthcare practice, it is critically important within an EDI. For more information about plans and pricing of Apex EDI software, reach out to us on our Contact Us page. Security and efficiency are of utmost importance to our professionals at Apex EDI. We will be happy to assist you in incorporating a secure and efficient medical claims software into your practice.

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 

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EDI Claims: Reasons To Do EDI Claims – Efficiency, ROI, and Expediency

Electronic Data Integration (EDI) has come to the forefront of information transfer in recent years. Exactly what is EDI, how can it be used for medical professionals, and what are the primary benefits of using EDI? Let’s examine these queries further.

EDI Defined

As we have already determined, EDI stands for electronic data integration. EDI the exchange of documents in a standard format from computer to computer. The difference between traditional methods of document exchange, such as a mail, email, or fax, is that EDI eliminates a lot of the processes of the exchange.

For example, traditionally faxed documents involve one individual preparing the documents, the fax machine sending the documents, the recipient receives the documents, the recipient processes the documents, then the recipient sends the documents back through the fax machine to the original sender, and then the process is repeated in order to properly process the documents.

This 5+ step process is inefficient, desperately slow, and minimizes the opportunity for profitable practices. EDI helps to eliminate these inefficient processes, and provides maximum output for profitable earning activities through efficient document exchange.

Use in the Medical Field

CLAIMS CONCEPT man hand on table Business, coffee, Split tone

For medical professionals, this is a wonderful invention. EDI allows the expedient processing of medical claims, patient data transfers, and information requests on medical history. EDI can be used in multiple areas of medical expertise, including but not limited to traditional medical practices, dental practices, chiropractic care, mental health counseling, and beyond.

Apex EDI is the premier EDI software that can be integrated into existing practice management software. EDI provides a host of benefits for medical providers, which we will discuss in the next subheading.


Benefits of Using EDI for Medical Claims

While the benefits of using EDI are vast for medical claims billings, a few stand out in our mind as invaluable. They include efficiency, returns on investment, and expediency.


EDI increases medical claims billing efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks and expediting the accuracy of documents that allow your staff to improve production and processing of medical claims.


ROI - Return on investment
EDI return on investment (ROI) is a substantial benefit for medical claims billing providers. Elimination of
paper processing such as printing, postage, and illegible faxes allows for a cost savings of up to 35%.


The efficiency of EDI also allows for faster claims processing. Exchange transactions take place in minutes instead of hours or days required by email or traditional postal services.

Overall, EDI systems are a phenomenal method of improving efficiency, expediency, and profitable business practices for medical claims billing. Apex EDI allows for all of the benefits and more. For additional reasons to use Apex EDI for your medical claims billing practices, visit our Contact Us page in order to receive more information.

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 

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