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As many offices are feeling the changes associated with running an EMR/EHR, we’ve created an additional opportunity to assist you in creating an improved insurance claims and billing experience.

Our focus is to assist you to improve the technology and efficiency of daily operations. The Apex Optometry claims portal:

  1. Allows you to track and manage your insurance claims
  2. Is available to any Optometry office regardless of practice management software
  3. Exclusive Pricing: Outstanding pricing compared to industry standards – up to 50% off! & $10 per month unlimited patient verification/eligibility
  4. Software compatibility: Designed to assist practice management software to seamlessly combine the details of every claim you send. (accomplished with two levels of integration – see below)
  5. Increase Revenue: fast payments, friendly customer service, and low costs are benefits of using Apex EDI!
  6. Real time claims status and patient eligibility verification!
Watch the Optometry Claims Portal Webinar

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Call (800) 840-9152 for a 2-minute Review

Give us a call to speak to an Apex EDI representative about the benefits and cost savings of using our Optometry electronic claims clearinghouse services in your practice.

Software Integration 

The future of claims management is exciting. Apex EDI is currently developing new industry tools that will improve real time claim location, status, and enhancements to the paperless office. These developments will be available through the Optometry claims portal in two levels of integration.

  • Level 1 Integration – Send claims electronically with the Optometry claims portal from your practice management software! – Available Now!
  • Level 2 Integration – Integrate claims & eligibility information to your patient ledger from your practice management software through the Optometry claims portal. (May require an additional integration module/pricing with software, contact Apex EDI for details 800.840.9152)

Please see the table to the right for details about the level of integration available through the various Optometry practice management software products.

Table Legend:

      = Available now
      = Available in the near future
Call (800) 840-9152 for a 2-minute Review

This has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Our payments are arriving much faster than ever before and we are not having to do any duplicate filing.

Dr. John A. McCall Jr., OD
Level of IntegrationPortalFull
Cyclops EMR  
AltaPoint EMR  
EyePro EMR  
Revolution EHR  
Crystal Practice Management  
Liquid EHR  
OD Link  
Practice Director 
OD Pro/EMR Logic 
IO PracticeWare 
Duxware Medical 
Crowell Systems 
My Vision Express 
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