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Medical Claims Processing: Practice Accelerator™ Part 1

The Practice Accelerator™ is a proprietary process Apex EDI has developed to help healthcare professionals to receive the benefits of clearinghouse services from Apex EDI. This detailed step-by-step process will help office staff understand how Apex EDI will boost the financial performance of your practice.

In this two part series we will cover the two phases of the Practice Accelerator. Steps one through three make up the first phase of the process. These three phases cover your initial interactions with Apex EDI—as you start your account and we help you set up your connections and get you paid.

The Profile Builder™

1Step one is an installation and customization of our software on your practice computers.

During this step we work closely with your practice to gather the information we need to create your account. We also work directly with the personnel in your office who submit claims to install the Apex EDI software.

The PayerLink Setup™

2During the second step of the process we work with you to enroll you with the payers that reimburse your practice for your claims.

Enrolling with payers can be frustrating and difficult. The Apex EDI enrollment team works closely with your staff and payers to get your practice enrolled and creating the vital link that gets you paid.

The Program Launch™

3After your initial setup we will help to train your staff on how to get the most out of our products.

One of the most valuable services Apex EDI provides to you is the free training we give to your practice. In this step we thoroughly train your practice and get you up and running. In fact we prefer to send a claim during the training process to assure you that everything is operating correctly.

The Practice Accelerator™ will help you better understand where you are in the process of creating your account and how we can help you improve your practices ability to generate revenue.

The next article in this series will cover steps 4-7 and focus on how Apex EDI's staff and processes will help you get the most out of your practice.

About Apex EDI

Apex EDI is a leading healthcare claims clearinghouse for medical and dental professionals. Apex EDI serves thousands of physicians, dentists, and other medical providers nationwide with its Apex OneTouch® solution. The OneTouch® solution is a Web-based electronic claims reimbursement system that increases productivity and profitability while facilitating fast payment of insurance claims and providing additional reporting and analysis. Founded in 1995, Apex EDI is based in American Fork, Utah.

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