Patient Statements

Patient Statements

Apex EDI does Patient Statements with BillFlash

The patient statement service that gets you paid.

Apex EDI’s partnership with BillFlash makes it easy to create and send professional, efficient patient statements that get results—without the hassle and expense of printing, sending, and processing those statements yourself.

Sending Bills & Getting Paid

…has never been easier

BillFlash immediately strengthens your cash flow with high performing billing and payment solutions.

Then, BillFlash radically reduces your costs, speeds your payments, and increases your payer satisfaction by providing you with modern paperless billing and online self-pay.

  • Consolidated suite of billing services that Get You Paid.
  • Competitive rates and bundled services increase savings
  • No long-term contracts
  • Integration with your practice management software

Bill Delivery

eBill Statements

  • Save 60% vs. Print & Mail
  • Same day email notice
  • Connect payers to ePay

Mail Statements

  • Professional designs
  • Messaging + color
  • Address change updates
  • Review and control what goes out
  • No more manual process

Bill Payment


  • Get paid online 24/7
  • Eliminate handling costs
  • Get paid faster than mail


  • Walk-in + mail + phone
  • Process cards + checks
  • No dedicated phone line

Watch the BillFlash Demo

Get BillFlash. Get Paid.

Apex is standing by to help you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of producing and processing patient statements. Contact us to learn more, schedule a demo, or to get started with the BillFlash eStatement service today.

Current Offer:

The 1st month IS ON BillFlash!
BillFlash is the best way to SEND BILLS and GET PAID. Beginning March 1st, 2015 BillFlash will be paying for the first month!

  • Any new account or service added receives the first 30 days FREE (customers only pay for the cost of the stamp for mailed bills).
  • eBills normally $0.25 are FREE!
  • ePay and OfficePay are ABSOLUTELY FREE – no processing fees whatsoever and 1 free card reader!

That saves even a smaller office hundreds of dollars. NO ONE ELSE in the industry does this!

Sample Mail Statement

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