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Integrating with Apex is the quick, easy, and customizable solution to meet your clients’ revenue cycle management (RCM) needs. Utilize Apex’s RESTful Claims APIs to do the following per your custom needs:

  • Submit claims in easy to use in JSON format
  • Get claim status from Apex and payers – delivered to you in JSON (we take care of the X12-5010 spec so you can focus on other things)
  • Submit eligibility inquiries and get responses

Customize the medical billing software integration to match your clients’ needs and your company’s goals. Apex will support and help you along the integration roadmap no matter where you want to go with it. Feel free to begin implementing the APIs. You will need a key to complete end-to-end testing.

Claims API V3 Documentation

Submit Claims

Use this API to submit claims to Apex from your practice management software. We will provide you easy to implement JSON specs for submitting claims. No need to hassle with the X12-5010 specs – we take care of that for you.

Once claims are submitted you can route your clients to our easy to claim tools on our OneTouch web portal, or you can implement our other APIs to allow your clients to monitor claims from submission to payment all within your PMS.

Claims API V3 Documentation

Get Claim Status

Use this API to retrieve claim statuses for the date range you specify. Statuses from Apex and payers are delivered in an easy to parse JSON format that can be tied to claims using the unique vendor claim ID that your software generates.

Get Payer Responses

Use this API to retrieve payer 277 and 835 responses delivered in a JSON object.

Eligibility API V2 Documentation


Use this API to submit Eligibility inquiries from your PMS.


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Developer Support

Apex Development Support

Apex EDI’s developer support can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain timezone:

  • Email: vendors@apexedi.com
  • Phone: (801) 642-0330

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