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Partner with Apex EDI

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Apex EDI is an industry leader in developing new tools that improve real-time claim location, status, and enhancements to the paperless office. When you put the power of Apex EDI claims delivery to work with your organization you’ll have the most powerful set of practice tools available. If you have ever wanted to offer your own clearinghouse service, but didn’t know how, now you can.

Apex EDI offers a unique opportunity to software developers and organizations with two options to choose from. Private label claim delivery service is an excellent opportunity for your organization. No other clearinghouse provides this type of claim delivery service.

  • Send claims seamlessly from your practice management software
  • Load claims via the Apex OneTouch or direct from your software
  • Send in ANSI 5010, print image, or proprietary types
  • Use your identity to keep the visitors brand experience consistent
  • Utilize all the features of the Apex EDI web portal
  • Access your account from any computer with Internet access
  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Remind visitors of the great association they have with your organization
  • Added value for your customers

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