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Ophthalmology Claims

As an ophthalmology professional, you must ensure all claims are submitted properly to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. Here are a few general tips to make sure claims are both accurate and timely.

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First, as with any claim, be sure to obtain and verify all of the necessary patient and provider information. Accurate information allows claims to be processed and paid without delay. It’s also important to submit claims promptly with all supporting documentation. Check the claim prior to the final submission to be sure that it is error free. This will help minimize stress that can be caused by claims that are coded or filed incorrectly. Common errors such as failing to submit a quantity of 2 to obtain payment for both eyes, or not indicating the correct modifier for the procedure performed can lead to weeks of delay.

Vision plans cover routine wellness exams for eye health. Medical eye care, on the other hand, is for the treatment of specific medical conditions related to the eye, such as pink eye, cataracts, or double vision. The diagnosis and treatment for these conditions should be billed through the medical eye care insurance. You’ll want to ensure that you are billing the correct insurance to receive payment promptly.

Following these simple steps when filing an ophthalmology claim, will increase the efficiency in your office and ensure you receive payment from payers in no time. Apex EDI can help ensure the best possible care for your patients by verifying vision and medical claims before they are sent to the payer for final submission. Apex EDI works to get you paid faster.

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