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How Do I Spot Medical Billing Errors?

Medical bills can be difficult to understand. When a patient has a serious health condition, there may be several provider, specialists, and medical facilities involved in their care. Bills can be loaded with abbreviations and medical terms that the average patient may not be familiar with. It’s important to arm yourself with the confidence to question a potential billing error.  

Medical bill from the hospital, concept of rising medical cost, selective focus.  All data on the bill and form design are fictional, created specially for this concept.

The first step in questioning a bill received for services is to make sure you review each detailed charge. If you receive a summarized statement, you may need to request an itemized bill. Read through the dates of service, provider, and insurance information to confirm its accuracy.


Check for obvious duplications. If a service is charged multiple time, it is most likely a mistake. Also check for omitted or missing information. For example, you may receive a statement summary that does not indicate past payments made. It will not hurt to be certain all previous payments are accounted for before submitting your final payment.

Errors in coding services received in the bill can be more difficult to spot. If your bill contains any charges that seem suspicious, mark them so you can ask your provider about them later. It’s not uncommon for billing specialists to miscode a charge.  

Take your time with the call the provider and ask any questions you have about the statement. Your healthcare provider wants to work with you to make sure you are happy with the overall care you receive. Apex EDI helps doctors focus on healing by supporting them with the best technology for medical billing.

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What You Should Know Before Challenging a Medical Bill

Many patients have higher deductibles with their medical plans today than they did in the past.  This means they have an interest in paying closer attention to the medical bills they receive.  While many healthcare providers provide payment options intended to help the patient, before challenging a medical bill there are some key issues to keep in mind.

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First you will want to ensure that you clearly understand all the charges. This means you may need to ask for a detailed bill, showing every service performed by your provider. The line item bill should also clearly indicate others the provider relied on for services such as lab results.

When you don’t understand a charge, it’s time to reach out to the provider. Start with a phone conversation to see if the office staff or the doctor can explain all services indicated on the statement. In many cases, this conversation can resolve concerns quickly.

In more complex situations, it may be necessary to follow up with other specialists either by phone or in writing. In that case, make sure you have thorough notes about your initial conversation. Be sure to note the name of the person you speak with, their position, the date and time of each call.

While you should pay close attention to your financial ability to pay for the care you have received, you will want to arm yourself with clear factual information prior to disputing a bill. Most healthcare providers want to provide quality of patient care at a competitive price.

Apex EDI works with healthcare providers and insurance payers to manage billing efforts. Contact Apex EDI to watch a free demonstration of our medical billing software today.

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Electronic Health Record Use Adopted by an Increasing Number of Practices

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Physicians and healthcare providers are continuing to invest in the use of medical billing software systems. According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Software Advice, they are doing so to increase efficiency for medical staff and for their patients. The survey found that 35 percent medical billing software users indicated that they are investing greater amounts in their systems than in previous years.

One major reason is the desire for mobile access to patient information. Medical billing software partners are able to keep up with technology and provide patient portals for prescribing medication, managing lab results, and communication. While many still access data from a desktop computer, it is possible to access information from laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices.

In addition to the improved access to patient information, the medical records are more easily read. Legible patient data is a simple way to prevent common errors in claims submissions. Even a misspelled patient name can cause a claim to be rejected, costing several weeks or months to make the correction. This means you receive payments from the insurance companies faster.   

Apex EDI is the fastest growing electronic medical billing partner in the healthcare industry. Our software solution is unique because it will work with virtually any practice management software. We offer superior customer support and the most complete range of features and capabilities in the technology. Interested? Well we have the perfect thing for you! Contact us today to watch a free demonstration of our medical billing software.

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What Can I Gain by Using Billing Software? What Can I Lose If I Don’t Use It?

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Most healthcare providers spend years learning how to build a successful medical practice and focus on providing top notch patient care. Yet, sometimes ignored, medical billing, is an extremely important component of your business. Billing challenges can slowly drain your financial outcomes and become a serious distraction for office staff.

The business side of your healthcare practice can be improved substantially with the implementation of a medical billing software. Working with a billing partner allows you to remain focused on patient care, while they handle the burden of worrying about insurance companies rules and constantly changing coding standards. It’s a cost effective way to ensure your claims are paid in a timely manner without the hassle.

The addition of a highly trained customer support team through a medical billing partner also saves money that you would spend on the ongoing education of your staff. The healthcare industry as a whole is changing. You’ll gain the security of knowing you can rely on an experienced, trusted team of representatives to ensure your billing practices are current.   

Even the smallest mistake on a claim submitted can cause an insurance company to reject the claim. Your practice loses time and productivity while your staff works to correct, resubmit, and wait for claims to be accepted by the insurance payer. This process can take several months before you receive payment.

Apex EDI wants to help you remain current with the industry’s easiest and most cost-effective medical billing solution. Contact Apex EDI to watch a free demonstration of our billing software today.

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Could My Claims Be Returned by the Insurance Company? Why?

Health Insurance Denied Form Showing Unsuccessful Medical Application

Claims can be returned for a variety of reasons. The most common cause for a rejected claim is missing or inaccurate information. For example, errors in patient data such as the date of birth, age, sex, address, or name will cause an immediate return. Then there is provider information and insurance identification numbers, which can be easily and unintentionally misrepresented.

When the insurance company payer receives a claim, they check to make certain the patient is covered by the policy and all treatment codes match the appropriate diagnosis. Sometimes preauthorization records, referring physician identification numbers, or evidence of medical necessity is left incomplete.

The use of a medical processing software ensures all required information is included in the claim, prior to submission to the insurance payer. The software will catch any obvious errors such as missing or invalid information easily. The best way to increase claim payments is through prevention, submitting a clean claim the first time without any errors.

A medical billing software solution is well worth your investment. Apex EDI wants to simplify the billing process for you, so you can get paid faster. Contact Apex EDI to watch a free demonstration of our software today.

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