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Claims Processing: Medical Claims vs. Vision Care Claims

When handling claims regarding eye health, there are a few things to be aware of. For example, there are specific differences between what can be billed to a vision plan and what should be billed through medical insurance. Let’s discuss the difference between the two claims, and why eye care professionals need to know the difference.

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The Difference

Vision plans cover routine wellness exams for eye health. This means examinations for near- or farsightedness, astigmatism, and corrective lenses. Medical eye care on the other hand is for the treatment of specific medical conditions related to the eye, such as pink eye, cataracts, double vision, etc.

Why It Matters

As we discussed above, vision plans cover annual exams for eye health. When an exam reveals a condition such as pink eye, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, or another condition, the diagnosis and treatment is billed through the medical eye care insurance. A medical eye condition typically requires a more intensive treatment plan than what is covered through a run of the mill vision plan, which is why medical insurance typically steps in.

As the provider, you will want to ensure that you are billing the correct insurance in order to receive the fees you are due. Many eye care professionals bill the vision plan first, and then reach out to the medical plan if any fees have yet to be covered. It is also important to discuss the plan of action with the patient so that they are aware of how the services will be billed to their insurance and that they are aware of any fees that may accrue due to their specific plans.

The Solution

In order to ensure the best possible care for your patients and management of your optometry practice, implementation of a clearinghouse for claims billing is recommended. A clearinghouse verifies vision and medical claims before they can be sent to the payer for final submission.

Apex EDI is a user friendly and fully integratable clearinghouse that works to get you paid faster. For more information about how Apex EDI can be used to benefit your optometry practice, click here.

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