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Welcome to your Apex partner portal. From here you have access to several co-branded marketing materials, which can be printed or emailed to your existing and potential clients. These materials have been formatted with your company logo and color scheme. As we create new marketing pieces we will automatically upload them to your sales kit.

From here you also have access to customer support and custom reports showing the activity for each of your clients and your monthly revenue through our revenue sharing program.

Apex EDI understands and appreciates the business that you bring and we are committed to making this a partnership that benefits you and your customers. If you have any questions or concerns not addressed through this portal, please contact us at 800-840-9152.

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If you would like to create a quick link to Apex’s service offerings from your website, please use http://www.apexedi.com/audiences/providers/services/ . This link will take your customers  here.


Download co-branded materials that can be mailed or emailed to your existing and potential clients. Each piece has a different and specific message that appeal to medical and dental practices. These files consist of high res PDF files. If you have any questions on using these files  please contact us at 800-840-9152.






Have a question or need help with a problem? Contact us at 800-840-9152 or click on the live chat link located in the lower right of the screen. Click here to download our interactive support feature as directed by your technical support representative.


Q: What if my customer calls an insurance company and is told there is no claim on file that Apex says was transmitted:

A: Insurance companies that accept electronic claims will usually have an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) department that oversees the electronic claims processing. If customer service says they can’t find a claim that Apex says was submitted, ask the representative you are speaking with if there is an EDI department. Often the EDI representative will be able to locate your claim and tell you what happened to it. If the EDI department can’t help or the EDI department doesn’t exist, call you Apex Account Manager for assistance.

Q: What kind of response time can I expect from my Apex Account Manager?

A: Apex has a 24-hour return call policy, which means that if you have to leave a message for your Apex Account Manager, then your Manager will call you back withn one business day. If an issue arises that requires research or additional calls for the Apex Account Manager you can expect to kept up to date on a regular basis as needed and agreed upon by you and your account manager. Speedy issue resolution is a top priority for your Apex Account Manager.

Q: What is an ERA?

A: ERA stands for Electronic Remittance Advice. The technical name for an ERA is ANSI 835. An ERA replaces the traditional paper EOB that you receive from insurance companies. ERAs typically are received faster because mail time is eliminated. Some practice management software are built to import and auto-post the payments and adjustments on an ERA.

Q: How do I interpret the report names that I receive from Apex?

A: Report names contain information making it easier for you to find a report from a specific payer. Here is an example of what is contained in a report name (ERAs and regular reports):

Q: Can my clients send secondary claims electronically?

A: Electronic secondary claims are accepted by a few insurance companies, most insurance companies still do not accept secondary claims electronically. However, if your client works with a payer that does accept electronic secondary claims, Apex does have tools to facilitate sending secondary electronic claims. If your practice management software will populate needed secondary fields (information from the primary EOB) then call your Apex account manager to ensure the data is properly transmitted to the insurance company. If your practice management software will not transmit the needed secondary data then please contact your Apex account manager and ask about ways to manually enter the data from your claims via your Apex webpage.

Q: What is ANSI X12?

A: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines approved standards for almost everything used by consumers (see www.ansi.org for more information). X12 is the name of the defined standards for electronic insurance claims. X12 came into existence along with HIPAA in efforts to standardize the way in which insurance companies receive electronic claims. By using a clearinghouse like Apex, you are very fortunate in not having to deal with or understand the X12 specifications.

Q: What other products can my clients sign up for?

A: In addition to electronic claims processing, Apex also offers:

  • Electronic patient statements
  • Online patient eligibility
  • Electronic attachments
  • Online claims corrections

If you are interested in any of these services please call the Apex sales team at 800-840-9152 option 1.

Q: Do I get an additional rebate if I sign up my clients for additional services?

A: Yes, Apex offers an ongoing rebate for each of the services we offer. For more information, please contact us at 800-840-9152.