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News & Events: Kids Take Over Apex EDI

Kids have taken over the office at Apex EDI, but that's what we asked for. July 22, 2011 is Bring Your Kids to Work Day. This is a great opportunity for Apex EDI families to see what their parents do each day.

More than a career day, Bring Your Kids to Work Day is a chance for everyone associated with Apex to learn how fun a place Apex is. “We want to create a workplace where, yes we strive for professional excellence, but people really enjoy coming to work”, said Sheldon Miner, Apex EDI CEO. In addition it allows our children to learn a little about the business world and where their mom or dad spend a big portion of their day.

“We wanted to allow our Apex EDI extended families to come into the office a see what mom and dad do all day away from the house,” said Nancy Christiansen, Apex Executive Administrator and coordinator for Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

The children will also have a great educational opportunity. By bringing girls and boys together with their parents, we will continue to create a environment where kids have a chance for equal opportunity both at home, at school, in the workplace, and in the community.

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