Healthcare: A Growing Industry

National Healthcare spending is expected to grow to $4.4 trillion by 2018. We're looking for individuals interested in being a part of the growing electronic health records industry. Is that you?

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  • A generous compensation plan
  • Co-branded marketing system
  • Complete customer support solution
  • Automatic software updates
  • Free and complete training
  • A secure partner portal
Opportunity Is Found at Intersections

Opportunity is a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances. And in the healthcare industry there is a huge opportunity. The circumstances that exist are that healthcare information technology is under used in the United States and there are tremendous market and regulatory forces in place pushing providers and payers to implement technology solutions.

Healthcare Information Technology Is Underused

The use of technology in the operation of healthcare practices is growing, but the adoption of electronic health records is currently relatively low. In order to take advantage of the improvement of patient care and worker efficiency, practices will need to increase use of electronic health record technologies.

There Will Be Growth

In addition there is significant pressure both regulatory and from the administrative side of the healthcare business to upgrade to information systems that promote the use of electronic health records. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the industry will need to increase the number of medical records and health information technicians by 20 percent through 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations, to meet the need for expanded electronic health record use.

A conservative estimate says that 20% of the healthcare practices are utilizing electronic health records. That leaves 80% of the market that can benefit from greater use of information technology in healthcare. That is 80% of all (2,317,996) medical practices in the United States. An ongoing study by the RAND Corporation predicts that use will rise by 40% in the next few years and that the trend for technology adoption is similar to those seen in other industries.

Apex EDI Sits at the Core of this Intersection

History suggests that when there is a bottleneck in a system. The system will create a way to overcome the obstacle. That is just where Apex EDI is. As healthcare providers need to integrate their practice management software with insurance payers systems, Apex EDI has created a technology that helps these two disparate systems exchange information effectively.

Preferred Solutions Partner Program

Apex EDI is focused on providing quality services and exceptional support to our clients and partners. We value our relationship with our partners and work together to make sure that our mutual clients are not only satisfied, but receiving the best service possible. To show our commitment to developing a unique business opportunity we have created a complete business model that includes:

  • A generous ongoing revenue sharing program for each service utilized by your clients
  • A variety of co-branded marketing materials that can be printed or emailed to your existing and potential clients
  • Fast, friendly, and free customer support to help solve client issues or concerns
  • Automatic compliance updates so that your clients never have to worry about expensive or time-consuming upgrades
  • Free training on all services offered by Apex EDI
  • A secure partner portal which gives you access to marketing materials, online training tutorials, instant access to support, pricing sheets, and custom reports showing you activity for each of your clients.

Our promise to you is that Apex EDI will always offer state of the art services and support so that you and your clients are always satisfied. Becoming an Apex Preferred Solutions Partner is easy and will provide you with a growing stream of monthly income based on the level of activity for each of your clients. Our system is compatible with virtually any practice management software, and our knowledgeable support staff is always standing by to answer questions and work through problems. For more information, please contact us at 800-840-9152.