Better Partners | Happy Clients | Increased Revenue

With Apex EDI, you can set yourself apart from the competition by offering an easier, less expensive option for electronic claims processing. Here are some reasons Apex EDI makes sense for your business:

  • Add value for your customers

  • Offer additional services

  • Earn generous rebates

  • Turn claims support over to us

  • Offer seamless integration

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If you are interested in becoming a technology partner or reseller, you may also call us at 800-840-9152 for further details.

Additional Services

Offer your customers a variety of additional services such as electronic patient statements, patient eligibility, and paper claims processing. You’ll add value to your customers’ practices by providing access to more payers, lowering the cost of processing claims and offering more tools for processing, tracking, and managing electronic claims.

Improve Revenue

Improve your bottom line with a generous ongoing rebate program. The Apex EDI generous revenue sharing program pays ongoing rebates for each service utilized by your clients. In addition you can turn ongoing support for your customers’ electronic claims processing solution over to our competent and friendly support staff.


Seamless Integration

A direct integration offers your customer a seamless user experience. Apex EDI supports our technology partners by offering our electronic claims services as an integrated component of your practice management software. This simplifies the online experience for offices and is a powerful tool for you to create a better product for your clients.