Kansas Dental

Medicaid of Kansas

  • Emdeon Link
  • No enrollment forms needed
  • Payer ID – CKKS1


BS of Kansas

  • Emdeon Link
  • Must have provider number entered into Claimstaker
  • Payer ID – CBKS1

BS Enrollment Form

Kansas City BCBS

  • Emdeon Link
  • Must have 8 Digit Provider Number
  • Automatically Approved after sending form
  • Approve in Claimstaker
  • Payer ID – 06126

KC BCBS Enrollment Form

National Payers Requiring Enrollment


  • Direct Link
  • Payer ID – 89070 and 54771
  • If the office does not have a provider ID:
    • The office needs to call UCCI at (800) 633-5430, option 3, and let UCCI know that they will be submitting claims through Apex EDI.   Be sure to have them acknowledge every provider in the office that submits claims to UCCI.
  • If the office knows their provider ID you can submit the online form for them:
  • To Enroll for ERA’s:

Other National Payers Enrollment Forms