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Dental Claims: How to Bill Dental Claims

Filing dental claims can be somewhat unique to filing other kinds of medical claims, but it’s important that dental practices file these claims for their patients in order to remain competitive. We are going to help you to learn what you’ll need to do to file these dental claims so that your practice can get paid and your patients can get the help that they need.

Record and Maintain Patient Information

Dental Claims Apex EDI

You will need a fair amount of patient information when formulating a dental claim. Ensure you have accurate information from the start by asking the patient for this information as soon as they make the appointment. Make sure that you are asking the patient about changes to their information at consecutive appointments so that you never have to deal with a denial due to incorrect patient information.

One way to ensure patient information is collected correctly and in a timely fashion is to collect patient information over the phone at the time the appointment is made. Create forms or spreadsheets that help track the information and remind the person collecting it what data is required. Alternatively, a form can be made for the patient to fill out prior to the appointment once they arrive at the office.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need to collect the following pieces of information:

  • Patient’s name
  • Policy holder’s name and social security number
  • Name, address and phone number of the insurance company
  • The policy number

If the insurance is through the policy holder’s work, you’ll need the employer’s name and address as well.

Determine a Billing Process and Draft an Agreement

It’s important to establish policies for filing dental claims from the beginning, and keep these consistent throughout your practice. Determine how many times you will bill insurance, or how long you will wait before sending a bill to the patient for unpaid amounts.

Once you have determined your billing policies, you’ll need to draft an agreement informing your patients of these policies. This should be signed by the patient before any services are administered, and should be retained in the patient’s record. Be sure to inform patients that they will be held responsible for any unpaid medical bills.  

Ensure Claims are Filed Accurately (or Let Us Do It for You)

It’s important that claims are filed accurately so that your practice can get paid in a timely manner. But navigating the complexity of claims can require more time, money, and manpower than is feasible for many dental practices. Simplify the process by hiring Apex EDI, a clearinghouse that provides you with the tools and assistance you need to save time, cut down on claim denials, and run your billing department efficiently. See how Apex EDI can benefit you and your patients by requesting a demo today.

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