Dovetail Electronic Claims Processing

Dovetail Claims Portal

Dovetail recently released their own electronic claims clearinghouse powered by Apex EDI with the purpose of improving your experience of sending electronic claims. This focus has helped many dental offices to streamline their billing, increase productivity, and improve cash flow!

Patient and Claims Management
in One Powerful Interface

What will you get? 
100% Integrated claim information to your patient ledger
View failed claims from the payers, inside the patient ledger
View patient eligibility information from the Dovetail Claims Portal
Access to Dovetail claims portal for custom reports
Dovetail claims portal
Send claims with the click of a button
Receive Insurance claim status immediately
View/fix failed claims with one click
Create custom reports to track claims
Receive ERA notices from payers
View and track patient eligibility with one click!
Call (855) 404-3240 to Enroll Now

Give us a call or complete the form here below to speak to an Apex EDI representative about the benefits and cost savings of using Dovetail’s own electronic claims clearinghouse services in your practice. Get everything you need to manage your practice from one source.

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