DentalWriter Electronic Claims Processing

DentalWriter Claims Portal

Apex EDI and DentalWriter will streamline the medical insurance process.

  • Makes medical insurance filing easier and improves the likelihood of reimbursement.
  • Automatically transfers the right ICD/CPT codes and patient information from the questionnaire and exam forms to medical insurance claims – no double entry necessary.
  • Easily generated diagnostic reports help you demonstrate medical necessity, improving your chances of insurance reimbursement and managing your risk.
  • Electronically submits pre-determinations, which are often required for medical insurance claims.
What Will You Get? 
DentalWriter claims portal 
Send claims with the click of a button 
Receive Insurance claim status immediately 
View/fix failed claims with one click 
Create custom reports to track claims 
Receive ERA notices from payers 
View and track patient eligibility with one click! 

Watch the DentalWriter Claims Webinar

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Call (800) 840-9152 for a 2-minute review

Give us a call to speak to an Apex EDI representative about the benefits and cost savings of using DentalWriter’s own electronic claims clearinghouse services in your practice. Get everything you need to manage your practice from one source.