Revenue Locator

Medical Claims Revenue Locator

With Apex EDI, recognizing lost revenue and abandoned claims is simple. Our three step process allows you to:

  1. Scrub your claims before sending them to the insurance company, and let you know if there are any errors we find!

  2. Get notifications of failed claims. You send the claim to us and Apex EDI will tell you if the insurance company is going to pay them! ……within days of sending claims through our portal

    When we send claims to the insurance company, they tell us in a report if they initially accept the claim for processing, if there are errors, we’ll let you know!

  3. Locate lost revenue and begin recovery

    After the insurance company processes your claims, we’ll match them up for you to see!

    1. See the difference – how much did the insurance company forget to pay you?
    2. Sort by the highest dollar amounts owed
    3. Estimate how much the patient owes after the insurance has paid!

What are the reviews saying?

94% of our results say:

  • Finally a way to look up an individual!! Very nice feature!
  • Love this feature! Will be very helpful.
  • This new view is much, much better. Thank you!
  • Easy to use and very convenient. Thank you
  • Wonderful!!!
  • Its faster for looking up EOB’s
  • Seems like this could come in pretty handy!
  • Excellent
  • I love this!!!! Thanks so very much!!! It has been so hard to work the rejections!! This has made a huge difference!!!
  • Much easier to determine status of the claims

How to get Revenue Locator powered by Apex EDI?

  1. Call Apex EDI now and get registered as a client at (855) 404-3240
  2. Start sending claims with Apex EDI
  3. Sit back and relax!