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Physical Therapy Claims: A Typical Visit: What your Physical Therapy Claim will Pay For

Physical therapists work with patients to increase strength, flexibility and movement following an illness or injury that results in a change in your physical movement. Seeing a therapist can help you get back to the daily activities you enjoy with a comprehensive recovery treatment plan. You will start with an evaluation to assess your injury and change in physical function.

During the first visit, you can expect to be asked about the history of your illness or injury and a number of questions about your symptoms. The therapist will perform tests to evaluate your range of motion, strength, flexibility, posture and mobility. The therapist will also explain your condition and the rehabilitative treatment plan designed for you.


Therapists are skilled at treating pain and discovering the underlying cause for it. Addressing the muscular issue causing the aches and throbbing you experience is critical to restoring pain-free movement. You will work closely with the therapist to describe the intensity, frequency and duration of any pain you experience.  

A treatment plan may include a combination of therapeutic exercise, “hands on” massage, stimulation of the body with heat or cooling and education about physical activity. Many therapists rely on the patient to perform at home exercises before and after treatments to ensure you regain movement quickly. The actions you take at home will help you recover quickly.


Most physical therapists can also offer advice for preventing future injury. This may include the design of living and work spaces to prevent pain from repetitive movements and preventative exercise routines.  Most forms of physical therapy treatment are covered by insurance.

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