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Chiropractic Claims: A Typical Visit – What your Chiropractic Claim Will Pay For

A chiropractor can work with you to establish goals for reducing back pain and restoring the independence you need to participate in your daily activities. At the initial consultation visit, the chiropractor will complete a thorough 45 minute exam and diagnose a treatment plan. Most will also offer advice on how to avoid future back pain or injury.

Because this practice has a variety of techniques and approaches, it is beneficial to prepare ahead of time and bring a list of questions with you. You’ll also want to bring information about your medical history and background on the current injury. The chiropractor will ask you to describe the injury and pain in detail.

Your claim will pay for an exam that includes general tests to measure blood pressure, pulse, respiration, reflexes, muscle tone, muscle strength, and neurological integrity. Depending on your specific needs, you may also be asked to perform range of motion tests which require you to move in a specific manner, posture tests, or a spinal adjustment. There are hundreds of adjustment techniques used by chiropractors throughout the world to restore joint functionality, movement, and reduce pain.

By the end of your visit, you will discuss an ongoing treatment plan that may include future spinal adjustments, ultrasound, strengthening exercises, massage and education on proper posture or nutrition. For most types of lower back pain, 1 to 3 chiropractic visits per week for 2 to 4 weeks will be prescribed, followed by a re-examination. If needed, you may be referred to other specialists until your mobility improves and the pain ceases.

It’s easy to get started by researching providers in your area. You may want to ask for recommendations and discuss chiropractic approaches over the phone with the clinic to help with your selection. Once you’ve made your choice, Apex EDI makes it easy to get your chiropractic claims paid.

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