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Medical Claims Processing: 5 Reasons EHR Helps Practices

Recent healthcare reform provisions will take years to implement, but the HITECH Act and its Meaningful Use provision is quickly beginning to influence greater adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

While Apex EDI does not need to seek Meaningful Use certification many of our partners will and together we play an important role in individual practices achieving Meaningful Use. Many EHR vendors have received Stage 1 Meaningful Use certification and your practice could be on its way to receiving significant incentives.

One of our strengths at Apex EDI is our ability and desire to integrate with a wide variety of practice management software. Our dedication to working with our partners allows us to provide healthcare providers a seamless experience and significant improvement to their practices' operations.

Here are 5 benefits of implementing EHR in a practice.

  • Reduce costs: Record storage, retrieval, and processing costs are a big part of any practice's budget. Moving to an EHR will allow you to streamline scheduling, billing, approvals, referrals, and input of patient information. All of this can lead to reduced staffing or re-allocation of practice staff.
  • Automatically generate and upload regulatory information: Diagnosis codes entered into your practice management software are automatically submitted to the payer.
  • Speed up the billing cycle: Reduced errors and automated insurer adjudication will mean that payments will be returned to your office in a shorter time period.
  • Provide more targeted care: A primary care physician needs specific, reliable information. An EHR will give healthcare providers a detailed medical history that will create better medical care over time.
  • Improve medical research: As EHRs are implemented on a national scale, improved technology will allow for data mining of records by healthcare organizations. This wealth of data should provide greater insight into a variety of issues and illnesses. On a smaller scale individual practice EHRs give doctors valuable information about the health of their practice. With the help of office administrators providers can better manage their business to improve revenue and care to their patients.
About Apex EDI

Apex EDI is a leading healthcare claims clearinghouse for medical and dental professionals. Apex EDI serves thousands of physicians, dentists, and other medical providers nationwide with its Apex OneTouch® solution. The OneTouch® solution is a Web-based electronic claims reimbursement system that increases productivity and profitability while facilitating fast payment of insurance claims and providing additional reporting and analysis. Founded in 1995, Apex EDI is based in American Fork, Utah.

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